Green Solutions Software GmbH Remote maintenance

Prompt and direct assistance

Es gibt Momente, da kommt man einfach nicht weiter. Hierfür ist die Green Solutions Software GmbH Fernwartung ideal. Kann eine Anfrage zum Umgang mit unserer Online-Plattform nicht per Telefon oder Mail gelöst werden, helfen Ihnen unsere Servicemitarbeiter mit der Green Solutions Software GmbH Fernwartung. Ihr Vorteil: ein schneller, direkter, kompetenter und sicherer Support .

How does remote maintenance work?

The process is easy - no installation required. Start Green Solutions Software GmbH Remote maintenance with one click ( the "Team Viewer" switch on the left-hand side) and confirm that you want to start the session. A small window with your personal access code will then appear. If you give this code to a Green Solutions Software GmbH service employee, they can work on your computer during an agreed brief period or guide you through the process.

Only with your consent!
  • The Green Solutions Software GmbH remote maintenance can and will only be used and started with your permission
  • You can decide whether you want only your screen to be seen by us, or if we may manage areas of your computer - whichever you prefer
  • You can terminate the remote maintenance at any time
  • We keep your information confidential and will not disclose it to third parties

Please note: You tell us what data we may access and what data we may not access. We will not view or save any personal data stored on your computer and will view your computer only for as long as you allow us to.